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Brian Quist is an American director of films, commercials and branded video content. From his roots in documentaries, Quist has branched out to direct a wide range of editorial and fashion video campaigns as well as several narrative short films. Quist has worked with luminaries ranging from The Dalai Lama to Natalie Portman and with global brands such as Lancome, Michael Kors and Neiman Marcus.

Quist started making films at the age of 12, when he handed in a documentary instead of an essay for a class assignment. The film, a sincere investigation about the early days of HIV/AIDS in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, marked Brian’s early interest in social issues as the impetus for his filmmaking.

Quist continued making documentaries on social issues in college, including an investigation into a workers rights struggle at Long Island University and a film about the lives of Tibetan Refugees escaping to India. In 1999 Quist and co-director T.J. Martin made the feature documentary A Day in the Hype of America, which explored the hype and hysteria surrounding the millennium and Y2K. “Hype” won “Best Documentary” at The Rhode Island International film festival and saw a 20 city release in 2004.

In 2005 Quist turned his focus to narrative filmmaking, and simultaneously began producing video content for the ailing magazine industry. Quist directed videos for Vogue,, GQ and Vanity Fair. In 2010 Quist received a New York Emmy nomination for his directing on the web series Vogue Diaries.

Quist’s most recent short film, “This Is Poetry” was completed in 2011. The film tells the story of Ade, a Nigerian cab driver in New York City, who is seduced into a seedy late night adventure by a young woman passenger.

Currently in development are two feature films, including a heist film set in the Hamptons.

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